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External environment, national security, trans border crime, cybercrime, arms proliferation


Nation-states in the contemporary global system face a variety of threats that challenge not only their national security, but also the continued existence of the state as a sovereign entity. Historically, the enemies of the state were from the external environment. However, the security environment in the world today has undergone rapid and constant change. Globalisation has increasingly led to domestication of the external environment, on the one hand, and externalisation of the domestic environment, on the other, thereby blurring the boundaries between the domestic and the external. Global security issues such as terrorism, illegal migration, cybercrime, trafficking of drugs, arms and persons, exemplify the inseparability of internal and external security environments. This has further compounded the security complex of nation-states, since the external enemies of the state now infiltrate domestic actors and effectively use them against the state. Against this background, the Nigerian state, like the case in other developing countries with fledging state institutions, has come under serious security threat. This situation requiires comprehensive threat assessment and proactive frameworkof deterrence and containment. This paper examines the challenge of national security in a world of infinite access and unpredictable penetration.


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