• Benjamin Adegboyega OLABIMITAN


Financial distress, sexual satisfaction, gender and marital distress.


 The study examined the influence of financial distress and level of sexual satisfaction on marital distress among married traders in Lagos state.    The study adopted a cross sectional survey design and accidental sampling technique in selecting four hundred and twenty six (426) adult males and female traders from Ojo areas of Lagos state, 248(58.2%) and 178(41.8%) were male and females respectively. Three hypotheses were stated and tested. Financial distress has significant influence on marital distress (t= -4.759; df (425); P<.01); sexual satisfaction do not have significant influence on n marital distress (t= -4.958, df (425); P<.01); women experience more marital distress compared to men (t= -9.748, df (425); P<.01). The results of the study were discussed and recommendation made for future studies and researchers. 


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