The study investigated perceived impact of external and maternal factors on the health of unborn human beings. Using snowball method, a total of one hundred and eighty-four working mothers, comprising 140 University of Nigeria lecturers (age = 32 -58 years with a mean age of 45 years); 44 nurses, drawn from University teaching hospital Enugu (age 28-56years with a mean age of 42 years), freely participated in the study. External and maternal factor instrument developed and validated by the researcher was used for the study.    Result showed that there was significant impact of external factors on the unborn human beings F (1, 181) = 203.7, p< .0001.  Maternal factors had significant impact on the unborn human beings (1, 181) = 53.6 p<.0001.  The interaction effect of external and maternal factors on child health was significant F (1,181) =8.65 p< .001.  It was discovered that the strength or quality of the father‘s sperm can affect the health of the unborn.  The implications of the findings were discussed and suggestions were made for further study.


External, maternal, factors, health, human beings.

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