• Johnson Tunde OYELEKE
  • Damilola Adepeju OLAYINKA-ALIU
  • Jacob Rotimi AKINNIYI
  • Stephen Ishola BABATUNDE


Marital satisfaction, sexual desire, spousal support, gestational period


Background: Survival, stability, and improvement of a family depend on marital satisfaction of such family which includes sex and spousal support particularly as it affects women during pregnancy. Therefore, this study examined sexual desire, spousal support and gestational period as predictors of marital satisfaction among pregnant women Methods: The study adopted a cross-sectional survey. Pregnant women aged 18 years and above were recruited by an accidental sampling technique from Adeoyo Maternity Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria (n = 220). The questionnaires used was divided into three section, socio-demographic, Sexual Desire, Spousal Support and Kansas Marital Satisfaction scales and were used in collecting data. Five hypotheses were tested at .05 level of significance. Results: Results shows that sexual desire, spousal support, living with husband and religion jointly predicted marital satisfaction among pregnant women, (R = .577; R2 =.333; F (4,215) = 26.802). Sexual desire, spousal support, living with husband and religion jointly accounted for 33.3% variance in marital satisfaction Conclusion: It was concluded that marital satisfaction among pregnant women were predicted by sexual desire and spousal support.


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