• Abiodun A ADEWOLE


Psychological impact, COVID-19 pandemic, Healthcare workers.


 The study examined the psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic on medical and allied healthcare workers in Ibadan. Oyo State, Nigeria, The study is explanatory in nature and adopted the exploratory research design. The population comprised ninety-three healthcare workers which consisted of 48 medical and 45 allied healthcare workers while three research questions were formulated. A validated Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scales known as (DASS-21) with a reliability co-efficient value of 0.87 was used to gather relevant information. Data collected was analysed with mean, standard deviation and independent t-test. Findings revealed that both groups, Medical healthcare workers with a mean (±SD) score of 17.44(±15.75) and Allied healthcare workers with a Mean (±SD) score of 26.40(±22.06) experienced low psychological distress, however, independent t-test (t-cal= -2.116, df = 91, p < 0.05) revealed that the Allied group had a significant higher mean score than the Medical group. The study concluded by recommending that Industrial Social Workers should design intervention programmes in order to ensure the psychological wellbeing of healthcare workers. Furthermore, researches should be conducted to examine the long-term psychological impact of COVID-19 pandemic among all healthcare workers.   


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