• Helen Jibike FATOYE


COVID-19, Social Welfare, Women Vulnerability, Lockdown.


 The COVID-19 pandemic shocked the world creating problems and affecting human life negatively. It has erased the gains made in gender advocacy and women rights in the last two decades, thereby increasing women vulnerability in Nigeria. This paper discussed increasing women vulnerability in the COVID-19 era in Nigeria and social welfare options to deal with these vulnerabilities. Loss of livelihood, increasing gender-based violence and sexual abuse were seen as the major risks for women. Lockdown and social distancing measures and Lack of accessibility to support centers were seen as factors that facilitate women vulnerability during this period. The paper recommends that government create a strategy or plan of action solely dedicated to curb women vulnerability. Priorities should be given to women in the post-COVID-19 recovery plan and states should endeavour to copy Ekiti state Shaming strategy to deter abusers of the female gender 


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