• Obafemi Gboyega OMOLOLU
  • Monica Ewomazino AKOKUWEBE


Contraceptive use, Lactating mothers, Intervention programmes, Unmet needs


In Nigeria, contraceptive use is still low though its knowledge is widespread. This study investigates the knowledge and practice of on Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF) as a Lactating Amenorrhea Method (LAM) contraceptive among women currently bearing children. Using two purposively selected post-natal clinics in Ibadan and adopting a qualitative design, data were collected from 2 Focus Group Discussions, 4 Key Informants and 3 In-depth Interviews. Data were content analyzed. Higher knowledge of EBF was found among lactating mothers but its use as contraceptive was generally low. This low rating of EBF as a contraceptive in spite of its documented advantages amongst participants constituted a barrier to family planning goals. Respondents offered various reasons for non utilization of LAM as a contraceptive method, many of which were due to ignorance and lack of adequate motivation. There is therefore a need for intervention programmes not only to improve awareness of LAM but to increase its use in order to fill the unmet needs gap in family planning.   


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