Breast cancer, Market women, Ibadan, Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, Practice


  Breast cancer is a major public health challenge among Nigerian women. A good number of Nigerian women are market women. Understanding the breast cancer related awareness, knowledge, attitude and preventive practice of this group will guide public health initiatives to promote early breast cancer detection among them. The purpose of this study is to assess market women’s awareness, knowledge, attitude and practices regarding breast cancer. This descriptive cross sectional study was carried out in two market places in Ibadan as part of a breast cancer awareness and screening program carried out in the markets. A breast cancer related awareness, knowledge, attitude and practice questionnaire with a Cronbach’s alpha value of .654 was used for data gathering.  Data was analyzed on SPSS 21 using descriptive statistics and correlational analysis. The 153 women that participated in the study had an age range of 16 to 72 with a mean of 45.56.  Talking about breast cancer scares 43.8% of the women and only 22.2% feel susceptible to breast cancer. Only 32.0% indicated that they have previously screened for breast cancer. The correlation analysis showed that educational level was significantly positively correlated with breast cancer related knowledge (P<0.05), breast cancer related knowledge was significantly positively correlated with breast cancer related attitude and practice (p<0.05) and breast cancer awareness was significantly correlated with practice (p<0.05). Attitude was however not significantly correlated with practice (P>0.05).There is need to better understand the factors mediating breast cancer related attitude and practice so as to enhance breast cancer screening among market women.   


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