Awareness, Attitude, Practices, Covid-19, Preventive Measures and Teachers


 The purpose of this study was to examine the awareness, attitude, and practices of COVID-19 preventive measures among secondary school teachers in Oyo State, Nigeria. Three hundred and ten (310) participants constituted the study’s sample using a correlational design. Both the independent and dependent variables were measured with validated instruments with a 0.81 and the data obtained was analyzed using simple percentage, mean, and standard deviation while the t-test statistical method was used to test the research hypotheses. Three (3) research questions were raised, and 3 hypotheses were formulated and tested at a 0.05 level of significance. The result showed that there was no significant difference in the awareness of COVID-19 preventive measures between male and female secondary school teachers. Also, the result showed that the value of (t = 1.79, df = 308, p > 0.05), there is no significant difference in the attitude towards COVID-19 preventive measures of male and female secondary school teachers. Furthermore, the result revealed that (t = 1.52, df = 308, p > 0.05), there is no significant difference in the practices of the COVID-19 preventive measures of male and female secondary school teachers. In view of these findings and it was recommended that there should be public health education programme on COVID-19 principally targeted at individuals with low knowledge levels and lower educational attainment.  


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