The study examined the availability, physical environment, mode of transportation, demand and supply, and buying and selling of products in Oja’ba and Oje traditional markets, Ibadan, Nigeria. Systematic and accidental sampling methods were used to sample 167 traders and 30 buyers from 3,347 traders and uncountable buyers in the markets. Concept of marketing and theory of consumer behaviour were used as an anchor for the study. Using descriptive and correlation coefficient, the findings of the study revealed that: there is 99% correlation between consumers level of patronage and market product, availability and affordability of market products influenced the increasing level of consumers’ patronage, increase in the prices of market product are not significant as long as consumers’ need satisfaction is a guarantee, demand for market products in the festive, peak and off-peak periods suggests an increase in the supply of the products, on-street trading dominates the markets, negotiation is being used as an instrument of resolution in price conflict between buyers and sellers. Upgrading to organized markets is being proposed in addressing the identified challenges of on-street trading, inadequate parking space, inadequate shop and store in the markets. 




Anatomy; Market items; Oja’ba; Oje and Traditional markets

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